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Library Collection Development Procedures: Faculty Liaison Duties

Policies, guidelines, and forms for subject specialists doing collection development

Welcome and Thanks!

Thank you for accepting the duty of being a library liaison for your discipline.  Your active participation will ensure that your colleagues are informed about library issues and have some input into the development of the library collection.  If you have questions about anything, you can contact the subject librarian for your discipline or the Assistant Director for Technical Services, Kathy Poorman (

Subject Librarians

Accounting: Lilia Fernandez 747-6716

African American Studies: Lisa Borden 747-6709

Art: David Flores 747-6726

Asian Studies: Alejandra Mayer 747-5364

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geology, and Physics: Bob Klapthor 747-5040

Biomedical Engineering, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering: Debjani Mukhopadhyay 747-6715

Chicano Studies: Jacob Galindo 747-6702

Children's Collection: Lisa Weber 747-5039

Clinical Laboratory and Kinesiology: Jacob Galindo: 747-6702

Communications & Film Studies: Jacob Galindo: 747-6702

Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics: Les Arms 747-6701

Creative Writing and English Language & Literature: Kathy Poorman 747-5694

Criminal Justice: John Padilla 747-6704

Economics and Finance, Marketing & Management: Lilia Fernandez 747-6716

Educational Leadership & Foundations, Educational Psychology, Teacher Education: Sebastian Diaz 747-6721

History: Luke Jastrzebski 747-6723

Humanities and Judaica: Abbie Weiser 747-6839

Intelligence & National Security Studies, Political Science, Public Administration: Angela Lucero 747-5685

Languages & Linguistics, Onomastics: Virginia Rassaei 747-5687

Law: Charles Gaunce 747-8939

Library Science: Kathy Poorman 747-5394

Metallurgy & Materials Science: Debjani Mukhopadhyay 747-6715

Music: John Padilla 747-6704

Nursing & Allied Health Sciences, Public Health, and Social Work: Harvey Castellano 747-6734

Occupational, Physical, Rehab Counseling, and Speech Pathology: Angela Lucero 747-5685

Philosophy and Religious Studies: Kathy Poorman 747-5394

Psychology: Jacob Galindo 747-6702

Sociology & Anthropology: Claudia Rivers 747-6725

Theater and Dance: Joy Urbina 747-5066

Women's Studies: Lisa Weber 747-5039




Duties of the Faculty Library Liaison

  1. Keep in touch with your subject librarian.  Respond to emails or phone calls.
  2. If you possibly can, arrange to have your librarian attend a department meeting. Allow time for the librarian to introduce herself/himself, give an overview of the collection and databases in your discipline, and detail the services available to faculty.
  3. When the librarian sends you lists of new books to review, distribute those lists to your colleagues and review them yourself to select books for the library.
  4. Remember that the library wants to provide books for everyone from freshmen to professors, and think of the whole collection in addition to your own specialty when requesting books.
  5. When the librarian asks for feedback on a database or other resource, please respond and encourage your colleagues to respond.  Subscription, purchase, or renewal of electronic resources depends largely on usage statistics and faculty feedback. If you don't use it or defend it, you might lose it.
  6. Bring your students to the library for information literacy training and encourage your colleagues to do so. Most students and many professors are not expert at searching for scholarly information in the library. We can help and we're eager to help!

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