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Library Collection Development Procedures: Requests, Selection, Orders

Policies, guidelines, and forms for subject specialists doing collection development

Submitting Requests

  • Requests for monographic items may be submitted to the Acquisitions Assistant at any time before stated deadlines. 

    • Requests may be submitted in any form. Each request should include the name or initials of the selector, the date of submission, the fund to be charged, and the location for the item if is other than the main stacks.

    • If the item is to be placed on Reserve, the name and phone number or email address of the faculty member and the number of the class should be included.

    • Requests should be submitted by January 15 for out-of-print materials, materials older than 5 years, and materials from countries other than the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands. Later requests from some established foreign jobbers may be accepted.

    • 50% of firm order funds should be encumbered by January 15, and 100% by May 15. Thus, your final orders should all be submitted by early May.

  • Requests for standing orders may be submitted to the Serials Acquisitions assistant. Check your standing order fund to see if you have adequate money for a new standing order and discuss this with the head of collection development.

  • Requests for new serials and databases may be submitted to the Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian. They will be placed on a request list and prioritized.  See also the form: Acquisition Request Checklist. 


UTEP Library Acquisitions Request

Please supply the following information when requesting a new database or serial.

  • Title of resource 

  • Details: supply choice of options if appropriate

  • Selector and Faculty requestor

  • College/Department/Program

  • How many professors are in the discipline?  How many students?

  • What degrees are offered?  Bachelor’s / Master’s / Ph.D.

  • What is the justification for purchase/subscription?

  • Overlap analysis. Full overlap analysis must be completed by the selector; spot checking is not sufficient.  Attach report.

  • Databases must have trials and positive feedback from faculty before they are added to the final wish list. Summarize responses or attach report.  

  • Cost-benefit analysis. How much does the resource cost and how much do you believe it will be used? We expect a maximum cost-per-use to be around $20. Thus, if the resource costs $50,000, it should get used 2,500 times a year. If you don’t anticipate this much use, you must offer a strong justification. Consider whether occasional use could best be covered by Interlibrary Loan or document delivery service.

DEADLINE:  Acquisitions list review and selection will be completed by June 1 in order to allow time for final price negotiations and license negotiations. Acquisitions requests must be submitted with full information by May 31.

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