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Library Collection Development Procedures: Location of Electronic Storage Devices

Policies, guidelines, and forms for subject specialists doing collection development

CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and other storage devices

The library routinely purchases material in a variety of electronic formats. The location of these materials in the collection is determined by their content.

  • If CDs contain text, computer programs, or are recorded books, they are housed in the Main stacks.
  • If CDs contain music, they are housed in the Media and Microforms Collection.
  • VHS tapes and DVDs are housed in the Media and Microforms Collection.
  • Reasons:
    • The quantity of CDs containing text or recorded books is small. Thus, there is no problem with intershelving them in the Main collection. If we decided to intershelve all media in the Main collection, it would require considerable planning and effort on the part of Access Services, Cataloging, and Media and Microforms, and a considerable cost for proper containers to protect media intershelved with books.
    • Media materials are usually harder to replace than books if they are lost of damaged. Housing them in Media & Microforms provides an added layer of protection.

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