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Discovery Services Procedures: OCLC

"How to" documents for OCLC, Alma, and general Discovery Services Procedures.

Macro Management

Downloading Updates

Shortcut Template

Configuring OCLC Connexion Settings

  1. Open OCLC Connexion
  2. Under the Tools tab, select Options.
  3. Select the Export tab.
  4. Click on Create.
  5. For the New Export Destination window, select OCLC Gateway Export.

  1. Click Ok.
  2. Fill in the following settings.
    1. Host Name:
    2. Port: 5500
    3. Check mark the “Send Local System Logon Id and Password” to type in login information.
      1. Logon Id: 01UTEP_INST
      2. Password: Request password from Virginia Rassaei or Joy Urbina

  1. Click Ok.
  2. Will ask you to confirm name of gateway. Click Ok

  1. Click on Field Export Options.
  2. Add 029 to Bibliographic Records. Click Ok.
    1. Note: if there is a field you consistently delete before exporting a record or delete from the system after export, you can add that field here.  029 if the main one that no one consistently needs department wide.

  1. Click Apply before closing the Options window.

Procedure to Add, Change, or Delete OCLC Authorizations

  • The immediate supervisor of the staff in need of updated access, new account or remove access will fill out the OCLC Access & Authorization Online Form.
  • The immediate supervisor will also update the master authorization file and date on file on the following link, but it should also be shared with you in your OneDrive account.
  • If that supervisor needs assistance, they should contact Lisa Borden, Joy Urbina, or Virginia Rassaei for assistance.
  • Technical support for OCLC can be requested and reviewed with Lisa Borden and Joy Urbina to determine how to proceed.

Instructions for how to add, change or delete OCLC Cataloging Authorizations

  • Fill out your contact information and choose the appropriate form to fill out.

  • Once the form is filled out, OCLC Support will send an email notification to the requestor once the changes are made on their end.
  • Requests can be done individually or in batch.  A PDF can be printed out.

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