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Discovery Services Procedures: LibAnswers

"How to" documents for OCLC, Alma, and general Discovery Services Procedures.

Filling In LibAnswers

Login begins at the Dashboard.

Use this link to Login.

Go to Ref Analytics tab to go to Add Transaction.

Once at the form, use the definitions on this page to fill in the form.

Question Delivery Method

Email responding to an email sent to M&M Desk or Juana
Face-to-Face talking to the person physically at desk
LibAnswers responding to an email through the LibAnswers App
Telephone talking to the person over the phone


Patron Type

Community User

Anyone not affiliated with UTEP, including TexShare

Faculty UTEP faculty
Graduate UTEP graduate student
Staff UTEP Staff
Undergraduate UTEP undergraduate student


Filling out LibAnswers

We only track information needs! Not service needs. 

What is an information need?

An individuals's or group's desire to locate and obtain information.

When we answer this type of question, we're informing/teaching the patron something, whether it's the location of a partner in the library or how to find a book on the shelf. 

What is a service need? 

An action performed to satisfy a need or fulfill a demand.

When we perform service by checking out a book or study room, we're not informing or teaching, we're fulfilling a demand. 


1) Someone comes to the desk to check out a book. All they ask is if they can check out the book. They already know what they have to do to take that book home with them. Even if they are asking a question, they do not need information, they need a service. This would NOT be entered in LibAnswers.

2) A group of people come to the desk and asks if they can check out a study room. They know what they are looking for: a key to a study room. This is a service provided to them, not a question we are answering. This would NOT be entered in LibAnswers. 

3) A student comes to the desk. She found a book she wants online and she wrote down the call number. She asks how she can find the book and explains she has never retrieved a book from the shelf before. This WOULD BE ENTERED in LibAnswers, as we are informing/teaching her how to retrieve a book and filling an information void.


Don't forget to scroll down for more options!


Access / Find Info Help with accessing info like from databases, e-books to finding info in the catalog or databases and locating articles in Google Scholar or databases.  Using the Community User computers to find online materials or dates for microfilm research, etc. Trying to access their Library account is now included.
Basic Information Policies, rules, "about" questions.  Includes hours, how do the course reserves work, checkouts, and study rooms.
Book  / Microfilm Retrieval Explaining how to find a book, DVD, or microfilm on the shelf, help finding an item on the shelf/drawer, pulling the an item off the shelf yourself.
Detailed Research Broad & multi-level request for detailed information, generally done by a librarian
Directional Directions to anything within or outside the Library (bathrooms, off campus, etc.)
M&M Equipment Help Assisting patrons with how to use the microfilm reader and computers to save a PDF, etc.
Other (Please note) Anything else not covered above & include a note about the transaction
Printing / Copying Printing, copying, or scanning questions or referrals to TSC CLC desk, including the copy machines & scanners.
Reading / Studying Any time a patron is reading materials, such as newspapers or studying in the department.

Follow Up With Action

Access Services Sending patron to Access Services desk
Administration Sending patron to Admin Office
External (Include a note.) Any department/office not included in other options.  Please include a note.
ILL Sending patron to Interlibrary Loan
MaRCS Sending patron to Math Tutoring Center
Miner Learning Center Sending patron to Miner Learning Center (MLC)
R & I Sending patron to Research & Instruction
Special Collections Sending patron to Special Collections
Subject Librarian Sending patron to see a librarian
Tech Support/ CLC Sending patron to second floor CLC desk
Tech Support/ Help Desk Sending patron to third floor Help Desk
Writing Center Sending patron to University Writing Center
Internal (include note.) Sending patron to someone from the University, such as Gifts department/ Hector Cardona.


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