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Technical Services Procedures: ILL/Document Delivery Purchases

"How to" documents for OCLC, Sierra, and general Technical Services Procedures.

Purchase a Document On Behalf of Interlibrary Loan

  1. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) receives request and searches for the item in the UTEP collection.
  2. If not found in the UTEP collection, ILL searches for a free copy from any other library or our standard vendors.
  3. If no free copy (or no copy at all) is found, the request is routed to SERT (Serials & Electronic Resources Team).
  4. SERT searches for the fastest and most economical method of access.
  5. If it's necessary to purchase the item, SERT provides necessary information to Associate Director (AD) for Technical Services for action.
    1. Title and author
    2. Document number if known
    3. Vendor name and contact information
    4. Vendor order number if provided
    5. Cost
  6. AD Tech Services orders material online, using ProCard. Order is not entered in Sierra. This step was chosen because the order details and any special information are known in Tech Services. It is as convenient for us to order the material as for Administration to order it. Fund code and vendor record are not required.
  7. AD Tech Services records the ProCard transaction as usual, noting the ILL fund code: xx-xxxx-xx (see AD for code) with the annotation ILL.



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