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Discovery Services Procedures: Donations checking

"How to" documents for OCLC, Alma, and general Discovery Services Procedures.

Check list

The Gifts Coordinator and his student employees should do the preliminary checking for donated books, using the following form. The subject specialist should review the information and make a decision whether to keep or reject the material. (See the standard retention criteria below.) Please note your name or initials and the date of your decision, along with any notes for processing or location.

Donations Evaluation Slip   Date ________

  • Has special features: autograph, inscription, etc.
  • No exact match in library catalog
  • Exact match in library catalog: call number ____   On shelf?  In good condition?  Hardcover or paperback?
  • Different edition in library catalog: call number ___ On shelf? In good condition? Hardcover or paperback?
  • Copies in Main or Special Collections or other?


Keep Gift and Withdraw Our Copy IF

  • Our copy is damaged and this is a hardcover in good condition
  • Our copy is a paperback and this is a hardcover in good condition

Do Not Keep IF

  • We have an exact match on the shelf in good condition
  • We have a later edition on the shelf in good condition
  • We have a hardcover and this is paperback
  • This is mass market paperback
  • This is a textbook
  • This is dirty, underlined, highlighted, damaged

Refer to subject specialist

  • When none of the above criteria apply
  • When special features are present

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