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Advertising and Marketing: Situational Analysis

What is Situational Analysis?

Situational analysis is a process of examining a company and its competitors on the basis of size and share of the market, sales history including costs and profits, the use of advertising, the nature and types of customers and more.  This analysis is similar to the SWOT analysis which evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company.

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Industry Associations

Most major industry associations publish industry surveys, outlooks, aggregate data and more. Find names of associations in S&P Industry Surveys, trade journals, or articles that quote experts affiliated with industry associations.


  • American Beverage Assocation
  • AAIA – Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
  • CTIA-The Wireless Association (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association)
  • National Retail Federation

How to Read a Financial Report

This Merrill Lynch guide is a good starting point for understanding financial reports:

Compare Company Financials with LexisNexis

This video clip was created by the University of Wisconsin McIntyre Library.

Company and Industry Data

Use the recommended databases below to find company and industry profiles, in depth financial statements, and other industry & company based research reports.

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