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COMM 4371- Communication Law & Society: Research Example

In-class assignment

Directions: Given a problem-based scenario, develop a research topic and find a Supreme Court case, or cases, that is/are related to this topic.


Scenario: A large vehicle overturns on the freeway. A reporter and his camera person happen to be there. The reporter tries to interview the driver but the policeman gets upset. Eventually, the reporter is arrested.


You are the person behind the camera. Your mind is racing. However, you particularly wonder whether it is okay to film the police at work or not.

KVIA Darren Hunt Arrested on I-10 El Paso Raw Footage

Please watch this video, and then think about a possible research topic. Take a position on it, but consider all sides of possible arguments.

Supporting Articles

Below are links to a few articles related to this case. While these are not academic sources, they could be used to develop research ideas and focus over this issue, as well as get the "facts" on a "real world" example.

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