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COMM 4371- Communication Law & Society: Citing a Supreme Court Case

Citation Parts of a Supreme Court Case

Directions: [This is a Supreme Court brief found in the LexisNexis Academic database.] Using your mouse, hover the cursor over highlighted parts and find the tags to open an informational mini pop-up window.

Citing a Supreme Court Case

Elonis v. United States  (2015)          135        S. Ct.    2001

__________________  _____    _________   ____    ____

                A                       B                C              D         E


Understanding citations to a case

To locate Case reports, you'll need to understand the elements of citation to a law report. A reference to a case will look like this:

 In this reference, reported judicial decisions are cited using the following:

 (A) These are the names of the principal parties, (write them in italics; use v. for versus) (2) the date of the report or date the decision was made

(B) the date of the report or date the decision was made, in parenthesis.

(C) This is the volume number (when available).

(D) This is the abbreviation of the name of the law report series.

(E) This is the first page of the report



Need more help with citating legal dcuments?

Other Web-based citation guides.

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