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Access Services Manual: Desk Procedures

This guide is to maintain and store training materials and procedures for the Library Access Services.

Scanning UTEP IDs

Barcode Scan (Preferred)

  1. Type in a 'u' into the text box.
  2. Using the barcode scanner*, scan the barcode on the UTEP ID.
  3. New window opens
  4. Delete the last 2 digitals of the ID number.
    • System adds 2 extra numbers.
  5. Enter.
  6. Verify patron name matches ID.
  7. Return ID to patron & say, "Thank you, Miss Urbina."
    • Saying the last name verifies you have the right patron as well.

*You can manually type in the ID number as well.

ID Swipe

  1. Swipe the ID through the reader.
  2. This generally reads correct.
  3. Verify patron name matches ID.
  4. Return ID to patron & say, "Thank you, Miss Urbina."
    • Saying the last name verifies you have the right patron as well.

Customer Service Videos

Book Check-Out Steps

  1. Collect UTEP ID & books from patron.
  2. Scan UTEP ID & verify patron matches.
  3. Verify book location & patron type.
    • Children's - 7 days (CHILD stamp)
    • Main - 28 days-1 year (stamp by patron type)
  4. Scan each barcode from each book.
  5. Verify patron type & use appropriate stamp.
    • Undergraduate = UND/STAFF
    • Graduate = Grad
    • Faculty = Faculty
    • Staff = UND/STAFF
  6. Stamp each book on the Date Due slip.
    • No room, add a new slip on top.
  7. Demagnetize each book for out the door.
  8. Give patron their ID & books.


Study Rooms

When there are plenty of keys (or not expected to be busy), study rooms can be checked out to less than 3 patrons.  If patron is allowed, inform patron they are only allowed this exception once & will be added to their account.  Finals Week, since we expect to run out of rooms, this exception does not apply.  Strict policy adherence for this week.


Reserves & Study Rooms

The Date Due slip must have information filled out when reserves or study rooms are checked out.

ROW 1 - Info needed

ROW 2 - format of info

ROW 3 - Example of checkout

ROW 4 - Example of return


Check-In / Returns

All materials are accepted at Access Services, i.e., books, DVDs, microfilm, ILL materials, etc.  Accept the materials from the patron.  Patron does not need to do anything.  For Reserves, see box above.

Quick Steps

  1. Check-In the items(s) into Sierra.
  2. Stamp with RET'D stamp.
  3. Use Sensitizer (demagnetizer) to reactivate for back to the stacks.


There are two ways to check-in materials in Sierra.  See images below.

Scan the barcode for the item.

Using the RET'D stamp, shown below with the current date.  This is an important step, in case the patron returns claiming they returned the item, but are still accruing fines.

Lastly, resensitize the materials for back to the shelves.

Demagnetizing Books

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