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Systems Engineering Fundamentals MSSE5341: Research Facilities

Introduction to and discussion of the key concepts, processes, and process activities carried out by systems engineers.


UTEP Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory (ISEL) home

Research Areas:

  • Data Mining and Knowledge Management: Rough Sets/Fuzzy Sets/Support Vector Machines Applications
  • Computer-Based Decision Support Systems/Supply Chain Management
  • E-Quality Improvement Technology/Internet Based Manufacturing (IBM)
  • Bio-Informatics/Bio-Manufacturing 
  • Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (Green Manufacturing)


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Research Institute for Manufacturing and Engineering Systems (RIMES)


  • MBSE and SysML

  • Application of SOA to SOS

  • Trade-off studies

  • SoS Reliability

  • SoS Risk Analysis

  • Education Research

  • Energy Systems

  • Complex Systems

  • Healthcare Systems 

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Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) home

TMAC is perfect for businesses that want to:

  • Grow

  • Increase Profits

  • Be Environmentally Responsive

  • Improve Management Systems

  • Implement Appropriate Technologies

  • Develop a Skilled Workforce

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500 W. University Avenue : El Paso, TX, 79968-0582 : (915) 747-5672
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