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Relates Texas Expectations of Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) information literacy standards

Purpose of This Site

This has developed from a project by school and college librarians in El Paso, Texas to compare the information literacy standards at each level in order to

  1. Know what the standards are and inform our teaching
  2. See how the standards progress and relate so that we can cooperate in helping students become information literate at every level
  3. Demonstrate to teachers and administrators that information literacy is a crucial skill for college readiness, and that trained librarians in the schools are indispensable

Links to Information Literacy Standards

How to Use This guide

The TEKS and the ACRL goals are progressive in two ways: internally and in relation to the next levels.  Within each larger goal are specific objectives that lead a student to develop a particular skill.  The goals and skills in each grade level are related to those in the next higher level; thus a Middle School teacher will expect that students have achieved the skills mandated for Elementary School.

Rather than list every goal and objective in order, which would have been very unwieldy, we have selected important goals and compared the TEKS for elementary school, middle school, and high school with ACRL objectives. This makes the progressive nature of the goals clear. The TEKS Technology Applications (Tech Apps) are included.

We have included suggestions for activities to teach or reinforce specific skills.

This is a work in progress, and your comments and suggestions are welcome.


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