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Chicano Studies 3339- Cultural Diversity & Youth: US: RefWorks

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a powerful online bibliographic management tool used to create and organize a personalized database of bibliographic references imported from text files, online databases, or input by hand. It formats both references and manuscript into various writing styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, IEEE, and more. RefWorks helps researchers to easily gather, organize, store and share citation information.  Because....

Latest RefWorks Features

RefWorks has added some new features including:

  • Ability to be logged on for up to 14 days.
  • Announcements on the latest news from RefWorks.

RefWorks Mobile

Grab citations on the go with RefMobile, the mobile version of RefWorks! RefMobile gives you the ability to view references in a RefWorks account, search within RefWorks, add a note to a reference, as  well as search and import new references using an ISBN, DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or author/year using the “smart add” option.  Simply go to in your mobile device and sign in with your RefWorks account. [more info]

FAQs on RefWorks

Can groups create a RefWorks account?

 Yes. RefWorks does not limit the number of accounts you create. Every account can have two types of access full and read-only.


How many references can I store in RefWorks?

You may save an unlimited number of references within your RefWorks account. There is no limit on the amount of folders you can create either.


Is there a limit to the data I can put in the notes, abstracts and attachments?

The notes, abstracts and attachments fields are limited to 1 gigabyte of information.


What happens when I graduate or if I leave UTEP?

NOTE: For access to RefWorks for UTEP Alumni who have purchased an Alumni Membership, please contact either the Alumni Relations Office or the Graduate School.

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