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Institutional Repository Options @ UTEP: ScholarWorks@UTEP and Expert Gallery

What you can submit

You can list ALL of your work.

But you can only directly upload the research for which you hold the copyright, or have an intuitional repository exemption.

How do you know if you can upload it?

  • First, check SherpaRomeo for the journal publisher's copyright and self-archiving policies.
  • If information from SherpaRomeo is unclear, check the journal publisher for their copyright and authors' self-archiving policies.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance in clarifying the usage permissions you have for the work you have published.

What if I don't have permission to upload my work?

If you cannot upload your work because you lack the permissions to do so, Expert Gallery allows authors to create links to such works where they can be viewed/read via the publisher's website. Expert Gallery also enables you to create links to where UTEP affiliates specifically can access them when this is possible.

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