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Institutional Repository Options @ UTEP: ScholarWorks@UTEP and Expert Gallery

What's So Great About Expert Gallery?

Expert Gallery isn't limited only to your traditional publications!

Besides peer-reviewed articles, you can also include:

  • abstracts/slides from conference presentations
  • datasets
  • unpublished works
  • professional/academic society memberships
  • awards

Use Expert Gallery to find other researchers in your area and be notified of publications by researchers of your choice.

Authorize other users to manage your Expert Gallery profile and works.

[Hot tip: this might be a great task for graduate students]

This profile can have longevity.

Create your profile and connect it to UTEP now, but easily change institutional affiliation if you ever leave-- no need to set up a totally new profile.

See how often your papers are downloaded as well as where they are from. 

For more information on the statistics it provides authors and how to use them, see this guide by Expert Gallery.

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