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Video Production Guidelines

Find answers-- and people/offices who can provide answers-- to your questions about the use of films and videos at UTEP.

Video Making Process

arrow pointing upUse the tabs in this box to see resource recommendations for each step in the video-making process.

You don't need to re-invent the wheel; plenty of educators and marketers have been successfully creating videos for ages, and have tips to share (see some examples below).

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Ask yourself a few basic questions about your video-to-be-- develop a smooth process for video production and sharing that could save you work and time in the long run. (see examples below)

Storyboarding is a way of pre-visualizing your video-to-be, and accounts for the visual, verbal, and chronological aspects of the work. This is how professional video produces and filmmakers plan their work!

When storyboarding or scripting your video, use these resources to write "for the ear" not "for the eye" to help you create an easy-to-understand video.

When speaking or writing, UTEP's CASS recommends the use of people-first language, as a matter of etiquette and inclusion. (Contact CASS to request a training for groups or individuals on people-first language.)

Video Recording

Video Recording Tips


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Video Editing Software

Video Editing Tips

Captioning Your Videos on YouTube

Captioning Your Videos on Vimeo

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Create or use a Gmail/Google account you already have to use YouTube for uploading and sharing videos. Once logged in, use a webcam, digital camera, video camera, or cell phone to record your video directly into YouTube, or upload a video you have already recorded. See these YouTube support pages for assistance with using this service:


To use Vimeo for uploading and sharing videos, you must sign up for an account-- of which there are paid and free versions. Please see these links for assistance with using Vimeo:

YouTube vs. Vimeo

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