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Video Production Guidelines

Find answers-- and people/offices who can provide answers-- to your questions about the use of films and videos at UTEP.

Questions and Answers

Question: As an instructor (online or in person), when can I use copyrighted materials in my classes?
Answer: See Fair Use - What are the limits? and TEACH act

Question: I need music for my video. Where can I find music I can use without breaking copyright laws?
Answer: See Where can I find free or Creative Commons licensed music?

Question: Where can I find images to use in my classes?
Answer: See Online Graphic Resources.

Question: What is creative commons?  Are there restrictions on how I can use a Creative commons licensed image or music?
Answer:  Creative Commons is a type of license wherein the copyright holder grants large usage options.  CC licenses range from CC0, wherein the rights holder holds no restrictions on it's usage and gives it to the public domain to CC BY-NC-ND, where the creator must be attributed, it cannot be used for commercial purposes, and no changes can be made to it.  For more, see Creative Commons licenses.

How to Obtain Permission to Use a Copyrighted Work

Permission is not required for every use of a copyrighted work, and not all unauthorized uses are infringing. But copyright law gives owners of copyrighted works a bundle of exclusive rights, including :

  • the right to reproduce their works or authorize others to reproduce them,
  • subject to certain limitations defined in sections 107 through 122 of the copyright law.

To determine if a particular use requires permission from a copyright owner, you need to evaluate whether one of these limitations applies to the use. The Copyright Office cannot grant permission to use copyrighted works.

Reproductions of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians

Circular 21-Reproductions of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians

Information from the Copyright office that includes:

  • Guidelines for copying
  • Guidelines for Educational Uses of Music

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