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Primary sources


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Jennifer Urban-Flores

Primary Sources

UTEP Library Resources:

Search tips:

- Do a broad search: "Prohibition, alcohol"
- Use the Revise Your Search/Narrow by Between Years option to narrow down dates:
example: 1920-1933 (for Prohibition)
example: 1929-1939 (Great Depression)
- Narrow down by location (USA)
- Narrow down by State (e.g., Texas)

-For primary sources, you can add the term "sources" or "personal narratives" or "photographs"

-Historic newspapers are also primary sources

-Check the oral history collection and the image collection online


Look in archival and book collections and some databases for primary sources.




This is a library research guide made specifically for your class. Here you will find links to recommended resources to guide your research; short how-tos; information related to HIST 4325,The Great Depression, personalized librarian assistance; and help with both print and electronic resources available through the UTEP Library.


What is a Scholarly Article?

A scholarly or peer-reviewed article is one that is reviewed by a panel of experts in the field. The following are a few characteristics of a scholarly article:

  • An abstract, or summary, before the main text of the article
  • Footnotes and/or bibliographies that cite sources
  • Graphs or charts detailing the research process and/or results
  • Publication by a professional or academic organization
  • Discipline-specific language

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