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About this Research Guide

This guide is design for students taking SOWK: 3358 with professor Kathryn Revtyak. It provides an overview on how to find evidence-based research.

If you need assistance with your research please contact Harvey Castellano.

The PICO(T) Question

"PICO(T)" frames a well-focused question-- for research, and for practice.

Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice

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What is Evidence Based?

Evidence-based practice is a "process for making practice decisions in which practitioners integrate the best research evidence available with their practice expertise and with client attributes, values, preferences, and circumstances" (Rubin, 2012, P. 7).

Rubin, A. (2012) Practitioner's Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based Practice. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley.

Evidence-based research comes from several sources. These sources include, peer-reviewed journal articles, randomized clinical trials, and systematic reviews. Occasionally, books and selected websites can be good sources of reliable, evidence-based information.

Note: Many of these sources overlap. For example, many peer-reviewed journals are based on a randomized clinical trial, and articles reporting on a randomized clinical trial are often peer-reviewed.

Types of Evidence

Types of evidence based research

Subject Guide

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Evidence-Based Practice Tutorials

The following tutorials are very detailed and time-consuming-- but they are excellent resources if you really wish to acquaint yourself with the concept of evidence-based practice.

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