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SOWK 3358: Generalist Social Work Prac II : Peer-Reviewed Journals

What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal?

Peer-reviewed journals also known as referred journals are:

Scholarly publications that go through a rigorous review process by 3-5 scholars in  the field before being publishing the articles. 

Because these articles have been through this review process, articles in peer-reviewed journals are good sources of evidence-based information.

How to Find if a Specific Journal is Peer-Reviewed?

If you cannot find information about the peer-reviewed status of a journal, search the title of the journal in Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory. Ulrich's has basic information about all journals that are currently being published, and indicates whether a journal  is peer-reviewed or refereed. 

Recommended Databases for Peer-Reviewed Articles

Numerous Library databases provide access to peer-reviewed articles, the following databases are recommendations for social work research.

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