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Welcome to the Chicano/ Latino/ Hispanic/ Mexican-American Libguide for research assistance.  Access resources with the tabs at the top of the page.  Information about The University of Texas at El Paso Studies Program can be found here.

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What does “Chicano” mean?

"A person of Mexican birth or descent resident in the U.S. (particularly in those areas annexed in 1848), esp. one who is proud of his Mexican origins and concerned to improve the position of Mexicans in the U.S.; a Mexican-American,"

Source: Chicano.  (1989). Oxford English Dictionary. Retrieved from:


"Initially, Chicana/o was used to refer to all people of Mexican origin." "Today, the term Chicano is an essential component of the community’s revitalization and renewed sense of hope and pride. Regaining and regenerating the term Chicano, and having Chicanismo (an identity embracing the political consciousness of the Mexicans’ history in the United States), was the first step toward releasing the psychological barriers in the minds of many Mexican Americans,"

Source: Chicano. (2017). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from

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