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Guide to searching nursing-related resources.

Finding Nursing Theorists and their Work

Finding Nursing Theorists and Their Work (front cover of book)

How to Find Articles on Nursing Theory

When you need to find information on a specific theorist, or written work by the theorist, follow the images below:

Start by using CINAHL or MEDLINE; these are a great place to start looking for Nursing or medicine in general. 

You can find links to these databases in the Databases tab on the left side of this page.

Finding Articles Written by the Theorist

Once you're on CINAHL and/or MEDLINE and you're looking for articles written by your assigned theorist, type in their name and use the drop-down to select AU Author. 

This tells the database you're looking for articles written by the author. 

Finding Articles on the Theory

If you're looking for articles on the Pender Health Promotion Model, type that into the search box instead and use the drop-down menu to select SU Subject

This tells the database you're looking for research with a subject focus (in this case, the theory)!

How to Find Full-Text from Citations in Your Textbooks

Your book has an extensive bibliography at the end of each chapter. Look at these bibliographies for potential sources for your assignment.

If you need to access these citations, Google Scholar will help you find them! Google Scholar works by linking you to a free copy out on the web or connecting you with your library's resources! 

There are a few things you need to do first to access them on Google Scholar. 

  1. Use the GlobalProtect VPN 
  2. Type the title of the article into Google Scholar. 
    • Practice using this citation by copying + pasting the title into Google Scholar (
      • van Wissen, K., & Blanchard, D. (2020). The ‘work’of self-care for people with cardiovascular disease and prediabetes: An interpretive descriptionInternational Journal of Nursing Studies, 103548.

When you copy + paste (or type) the title into Google Scholar, you will get the citation as shown below:


If you are on the GlobalProtect VPN, you will see a UTEP Access link. This means that you have access to this article through UTEP. You can click on [HTML] Database Name and it will take you to the page where the full-text lives:


If you see a [PDF] Database Name, you will see a PDF file open up. 

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