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Ceramics: Finding Magazines & Articles

Finding Magazine Articles

Week 2 assignment requires the students to use the UTEP Databases to find a Magazine article.


Magazine Title Search

You can search for specific magazine titles in the "Journal Title Search" portion of our online catalog. Magazines are not considered to be journals, however through this method you are able to find any and all of our electronic holdings by title, including newspapers and magazines.

So if you are looking for articles form Newsweek, you would type that into the search field.  You can also search by the first letter of a title, if you aren't entirely sure of the exact title and you can even search by subject category. 

If the library has electronic access to the magazine you're looking for, you will be taken to a result page. In the result page, below the title of the magazine you want to browse, you will be given a list of databases that the magazine is located in. Sometimes a particularly magazine is only in one database or several. And in some cases, the date coverage and vary wildly depending on the database. So choose whichever database you feel offers you the best coverage. 

Limiting your results to Magazines in Academic Search Complete

Good Magazine Databases

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