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English: Critical Reading & Writing

A guide for reading resources across multiple Developmental English classes.

The Differences

Some journal and magazine links will direct us to their website, where you can view the magazine or journal as it was published in print and seen on the racks at stores, such as your local grocery store or Barnes & Noble. 

Other links to journals and magazines will direct us to a database, where you will see links for each title in the publication. Some of these titles may be displayed as scanned pages from the publication or they may just provide the text.


If you have trouble accessing a certain title on this guide, please contact us! We want to help you access what you want to read! 

Using the Guide

When you use this guide and read the publications organized for your enjoyment, not every one of them will look the same. Different companies display journals and magazines differently.


Next to the resource links, you will find an icon telling you what it looks like! 

Icon Meaning
magazine view Reads like a physical magazine; includes photos. 
Keyword search; use the suggested keywords or your own to find articles on what you're interested in. May or may not include photos
text only

Reads like a document; much like your essays. No photos

peer review

Peer-reviewed AKA scholarly source; Articles are written by experts and reviewed by other experts (scholars) in their field before articles are published to ensure high-quality information. Article/information is usually scientifically valid or backed by evidence.



For your ease of use, we have provided the top journals and magazines in your subject on this LibGuide.

To find more titles, visit our Library webpage and follow the instructions below. 


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