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Keeping Track of the Scholarly Literature

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Other Ways to Find Leaders in Your Field

You can use Web of Science to find the more cited articles for most Science/Technology disciplines.

First Step:  Search Web of Science for your area.  Be sure to limit your search by date, you want to get the current leaders.

Then you change the sort system from by publication date to Times Cited -- highest to lowest

If need be, narrow your results by discipline, if you have an interdisciplinary topic, you can remove other areas from your results.

When you have found the most cited articles in your fields, you can check the authors to see what else they have written or so you can stalk them in other places.

Look at your professional associations: Who is leading them? Who are they honoring? Might these be people you want to keep track of?

Be sure to follow the leaders you find on social media, not only are more researchers and professors putting more of their research and advice outside of journals, but you can learn of issues in your field from leaders' tweets.

And check to see who your leaders are following, there may well be someone in there that you should be following as well.

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