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UTEP Connect Library Quick-Start Guide

Off-Campus Access

>>>If you're not on-campus, but need to use the UTEP Library's electronic resources,

you must authenticate your UTEP status.<<<

2 Options:

1. Connect to UTEP Library's Proxy Server

  • follow the prompt to sign in using your UTEP username and password before accessing a database or e-book
  • sessions expire quickly
  • you will be prompted to authenticate (log in) every time you access a protected resource (i.e., databases)

2. Connect to UTEP's Campus VPN (recommended!)

  • VPN= Virtual Private Network
  • gives your device a UTEP IP address; sites will 'think' you're at UTEP when you're connected
  • log in once, stay connected while you work

If You Have Problems with the VPN

The VPN is supported by the Technology Support Center.  If you have problems with it, their number is 915-747-5257.

TSC also has a Frequently Asked Questions database (requires UTEP login).  If that does answer your questions, you can submit a tech support ticket for your VPN.

500 W. University Avenue : El Paso, TX, 79968-0582 : (915) 747-5672
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