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News Gathering and Investigation: Books/ Journalism

Multimedia Subject Terms

When looking for books in the catalog, try different terms and keywords as suggested by the following list.  While not a comprehensive list, it will provide examples to begin your research.

Main Subject Heading:  Multimedia
Related Terms:
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Online authorship
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Interactive multimedia--Authorship
Main Subject Heading:  Broadcast
Related Terms:
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Public Broadcasting
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Television Broadcasting


Main Subject Heading:  Television
Related Terms:
  • Television journalists
  • Television--Production and direction
  • Television authorship
  • Television viewers
  • Television journalism
  • Electronic news gathering


Main Subject Heading:  Journalism
Related Terms:
  • Broadcast journalism
  • Feature stories
  • Online journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Coyright--newspaper articles
  • Newspaper reporting
  • Reporters and reporting
  • Internet journalism

Journalism (Print)



Reference Books

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