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Publication Quality + Evaluation

About Publication Quality + Evaluation

There are multiple aspects to publication quality, and the differences between academic disciplines are substantial. This guide will help you identify and locate the standard types of numerical data that are often used as indications of quality. The reality is that these measures of 'quality or usefulness' of a publication (journal, book, article, etc.) are largely based on the citation of academic research (articles/books/chapters) by subsequent research publications. 

Of course in many academic disciplines other forms of academic activity such as pedagogy articles, conference presentations, invited workshops and creative performances are highly important. But these activities do not typically gather citations in other academic publications. Thus they are difficult to measure in terms of statistical influence. Remember that the numbers you find are not the final word in academic quality.

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How to Use This Guide

The various sections of this guide will lead you to standard sources of bibliometric data used for:

1) Statistical analysis of the published academic research by an author. 

2) Statistical analysis of specific journals. 

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