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Spanish Phonetics and Phonology: Home

This Research Guide offer information about basic research Process

Department of Language and Linguistics

Subject Terms

Spanish Language -- Phonetics

Spanish Language -- Phonology

Spanish Language -- Phonology, comparative

Spanish Language -- Dialects

Spanish Language -- Accents and accentuation

Spanish Language -- Syllabication

Spanish Language -- Provincialisms

Spanish Language -- Prosodic analysis


This research guide has the objective of support students in the course of Spanish Phonology taught by Dr. Natalia Mazzaro.

El EspaƱol

Subject Guide

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The Collection on Language and Linguistics at the UTEP library is organized by the Library of Congress Classification Schemes. It can be found under the letter P for Language and Literatures of the world and its related subjects.

The Library of Congress assigned the following call numbers to phonology and phonetics subdivisions:

P221 Phonetics

P222 Intonation

P217.68 Natural phonology

P231 Accent

P232 Pause

P233 Vowels diphthongs

P234 Vowel harmony

P235 Consonants

P235.2 Dissimilation

P235.5 Particular sounds

P236 Syllable. Syllabication

P236.5 Voice quality

P237 Nasality

P238 Labiality

P238.5 Palatalization

P239 Laryngeals

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