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What is SAGE Research Methods?

SAGE Research Methods is a go-to source when you need information for research projects.

What Can I Find in Sage Research Methods?

SAGE Research Methods has information for all the aspects of your research.


If your professor mentions a philosophy he wants you consider, you can look it up here.  If you are not sure how to prepare your research for others, you can learn more about that.  If you have a method in mind, but need to justify it, you can learn more about the method, its strengths and weaknesses, and those related to it.

What Sort of Resources Can I Find in Sage Research Methods?

Most of our databases have one type of resource.  We have databases that have dictionaries or encyclopedias.  We have resources that have articles.  We have resources that have books.  We have databases that have videos and films.

But SAGE Research Methods is unlike many of our other databases, it has a many different types of resources all in one database. If you need a quick description, you can check under dictionaries or encyclopedias.  If you need more in-depth material, SAGE Research Methods has books, including their Little Blue Books and Little Green Books series. It also includes videos on research.

How Do I Find What I Need?

If you know what method or concept on which you want more information, you can search for it directly.

If you do not know what you need you can use the Methods Map.  The Methods Map is a visual discription of the process that allows you to see more about each step of the process and your options for it.

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