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RWS 3355- Quezada

Tips on finding information and evidence to support the Cultural Dimension Matrix and the Intercultural Memo assignments for Spring 2018.

The Search Terms You Need

Use these words to find what you need

Notable Online Resources

Hofstede's Country Comparison Tool

Tips for Citing a Web Page

  • not being able to find a date or an author makes for citations that don't look credible to your reader
  • one of the goals of a reference/citation is to provide a path back to the source for your reader (your professor), so include as much info as possible to get them to the page you're citing in case they want to check it out

Places to Search

Search here for news and trade magazine articles

Recommended search:

Also try:

Use UTEP Library Resources Anywhere Off-Campus

Off-Campus Access

>>>If you're not on-campus, but need to use the UTEP Library's online resources,

you must verify that you are a UTEP affiliate.<<<

use library resources anywhere

2 Options:

1. Connect to UTEP's Server

  • sign in when prompted
  • you will be prompted to (log in) every time you access a UTEP subscription resource (i.e., databases)

2. Connect to GlobalProtect VPN


In-Class Extra Credit Assignment

Here's the Extra Credit Assignment!

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