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El Paso Music History

This guide supports Dr. Lindsey Macchiarella's Music History Courses (MUSL 332x)

History of Music in the Borderlands

This guide will help you explore resources that provide information on the history of music in the El Paso area. Use these resources to search for specific music history topics, performances and organizations/institutions from the late 19th to the late 20th century . 

Cirilo Villazana, Cipriano Castillo, Jesus Lamarque, Vicente Hernandez

PH041-04-00049, Casasola Studio photographs. The photo shows Cirilo Villazana, Cipriano Castillo, Jesus Lamarque,  and Vicente Hernandez. They attended at Bowie High School, and their musical group performed on Cd. Juárez radio before WWII. 

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