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  • Do I have to download anything to use Mendeley? Yes, if you want to use Mendeley Desktop and have it sync to your Mendeley Web account. You can use Mendeley Web without Mendeley Desktop and that will not require a download,
  • Can groups create a Mendeley account? Yes. Mendeley Web is known for its collaborative features.
  • How many references can I store in Mendeley? Mendeley accounts have up to 2GB of storage for free, which includes citations, notes, abstracts, and attachments. Mendeley offers more storage under Premium plans. Find more information here: UPGRADE

Importing Data

Mendeley has a Web Importer button  you can add to your browser to import any citation. If the PDF is available, the Web Importer will attach the PDF to your citation. You can learn more about the Web Importer here.

What is Mendeley?

Three red squares, first square has Mendeley logo says "web & desktop versions" "easy access to PDF files & annotations on both platforms" "academic social network" "free to register" "2GB storage on free accounts"

Desktop vs. Web

Mendeley Desktop is strictly a bibliographic manager. One perk is that it allows you to verify the citation information by comparing it to the metadata. 

It does not have the robust social networking aspect that users have access to on Mendeley Web. 

Mendeley Web does not verify citations like Mendeley Desktop, but has many other functions that keep users on Web. 

Mendeley Web gives users access to their own personal profile, where they can list their publications. They have access to a Feed, where new and relevant articles are suggested, citations are updated, all depending on the citations being imported. 

Users can follow other researchers and their publications, share/collaborate with the Groups feature, look and use Datasets, search for funding and careers.


Microsoft Word Plug-in

Menu bar on Microsoft Word

The Mendeley MS Plug-in works under the References tab in Microsoft Word. It builds the bibliography as the user inserts in-text citations to their work. There are multiple citation style formats that will format your paper to citation standards. 

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