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Course Reading Guides Made Easy with Curriculum Builder

Learn how to create reading lists in your Blackboard course shell w/ full text links using Curriculum Builder.

What is Curriculum Builder?

Introducing: Curriculum Builder

Curriculum Builder is tool that enables you to bring the full text articles, e-books, and other digital resources from MinerQuest (UTEP Library's all-in-one search tool) easily and directly into Blackboard, where your students need them.

How Do I Use It?

How To Use Curriculum Builder in Blackboard

In your Blackboard course shell, go to Content.

Go to the Tools dropdown menu; select EBSCO Curriculum Builder.

Fill in info about reading list; click Submit.

Find the reading list you just created; click its title to open it.

Search for materials of a certain topic, or type the title of what you're looking for [we recommend keeping the search set to "keyword"].

Click Add to List or Remove from List as needed. See the full text of articles or e-books by clicking the full text links (highlighted in image below).

Search again at the top of the page to find more items to add. Click See Current Reading List to view all items added.

Add notes or instructions to the reading list; add notes to each reading, if desired. You can also add links out to other pages/resources you'd like included in the reading list by adding the URL and a label (see below, next to bracket).

Once a reading list is created, it can be imported into modules or on different pages of the Blackboard course shell. Nice work!

What if I Need Help?

Answers + Help

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