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Hello there! This is a library research guide made specifically for your class. Here you will find links to recommended resources to guide your research; short how-tos; information related to Chicano Studies 3301 (La Chicana); personalized librarian assistance; and help with both print and electronic resources available through the UTEP Library.

Mujeres Latinas: Santas y Marquesas

To know a Latina, one must know historical, political, and sociocultural contexts that have influenced our socialization processes. Professor Arredondo discusses three historical icons that influence feminist Latina thinking as well as her own abuela/grandmother who also modeled attributes of empowered, humble yet regal womanhood. Four frameworks are used as backdrops to the description of the icons: 1. Latino-specific competencies, 2. Psychohistorical framework, 3. Tenets of mestizo psychology, and 4. Attributes about women's development entre fronteras/ on the borderland, and in the wild zone.

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