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Systems Engineering: Architecture & Design MSSE5346: Recommemded Readings

Recommended Readings

Optional Books:

Design of Enterprise Systems: Theory, Architecture and Methods. Ronald E. Giachetti, CRC Press, 2010, ISBN 978-1-4398-1823-7

Systems Architecting: Creating & Building Complex Systems (Hardcover). Eberhardt Rechtin, Prentice Hall (1991), ISBN-10: 0138803455, ISBN-13: 978-0138803452

The Art of Systems Architecting (Hardcover). Mark W. Maier (Author), Eberhardt Rechtin (Author), CRC; 2nd edition (June 28, 2000), ISBN-10: 0849304407, ISBN-13: 978-0849304408

DoD Architecture Framework: A Guide to Applying System Engineering to Develop Integrated Executable Architectures (Paperback). Steven H. Dam, BookSurge Publishing (April 6, 2006), ISBN-10: 1419632965, ISBN-13: 978-1419632969

            Systems Engineering Guide for Systems of Systems

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