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WS 3390: Social Media and Gender: Subject Specific Databases

Social Media and Gender

Searching Tips...

  • Use Limiters
    •  You can specified what type of documents you want to retrieve by selecting proper limiters such as document type and years and other limiters available in Academic Search Complete.

  • Combine your ideas effectively using:
    • AND, to combine terms for specific results
    • OR, to allow for synonyms, and to broaden results
    • NOT, to exclude terms from your search

  • Search Phrases
    • Place quotations around the set of words you want to be read as phrases such as "poverty reduction"


Getting Access to Full Text Articles

Watch this video to learn how to gain access to full text articles when a database is only giving you an abstract or citation.

Subject-Specific EBSCO Databases

Remember that multiple EBSCO database can be searched at the same time by clicking on "choose databases" at the top of the page, and selecting the proper databases that you want to search. 

Other Subject Specific Databases

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