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How to have a great poster session: Home

Academic Posters

A poster is supposed to be an introduction to your research and ideas.  A sample, if you will.  Posters are meant to be read quickly, attendees don't stand there and read a long poster.

Putting your paper on a board is not a poster.

Posters and papers have different requirements.  There is some overlap, but there are stark differences.


How to have a great poster session: for the research expo and beyond

With this guide, you will learn how to make a visually appealing poster that people will be interested in reading.

You'll see that this guide is broken into 3 sections:

  • Don't scare them off: the basics of designing an approachable poster
  • Catch their interest: creating a visually appealing poster.
  • Keep their attention: explaining your concepts and research in ways they understand.

Each section will have videos as well as the main points discussed in those videos in adjacent text boxes. 

Jargon is bad


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