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Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: Research Interests

UTEP Office of Research and Sponsored Projects


The vision of the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) is to accelerate the research and sponsored program enterprise while adhering to university policies and federal regulations.


The mission of the ORSP is to provide the following services:

  • proposal development assistance and training;
  • review and provide institiutional endorsement of all applications for external sponsored funding;
  • review, negotiate, and accept awards on behalf of the University;
  • compliance and post-award monitoring and oversight;
  • maintenance of sponsored project data for the University;
  • coordination of institutional review boards for research with human and animal subjects and for biosafety;
  • management of the University's intellectual property; and
  • promotion of entrepreneurial and commercialization activities.

Please note: The vision & mission statements are from ORSP website.

Research: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Research center associated with The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering:

         Center for Structural and Functional Materials Research and Innovation

         Contact: Dr. Devesh Misra

Research Faculty:

Dr. Roy M. Arrowood, Associate Professor. 

Research Areas:  Composite materials, Solidification processing, Mechanical properties and constitutive relationships, corrosion and stress cracking, ceramics, Materials science and mechanics of joining processes.

Dr. Peter Golding, Associate Professor. 

Research Areas:  Engineering curriculum paradigms centered upon accountability, Accreditation, innovation, management and quality practices, Basic engineering science and technology education, Education and technology studies, Entrepreneurship, sustainability, Global higher education audiences, alliances and service to students, minority science and engineering improvement programs, principles and practices, Renewable energy resources, and materials utilization and sustainable systems, including irrigation, sustainable dryland and wind farming and international best practices in applications, Salinity gradient solar ponds, small, Medium and large-scale solar energy utilization technologies, incorporating electric power production and desalination, brine management and environmental processes, Engineers and managing, professional practices including safety and economic impact studies, interdisciplinary environmental science and engineering, materials science and engineering with a focus on renewable energy systems.

Dr. Stephen W. Stafford, Professor. 

Research Areas:  Structural integrity assessment, Failure analysis, Nondestructive evaluation and biomaterials.

Dr. Shailendra K. Varma, Professor. 

Research Areas:  Oxidation studies for Metals and alloys in air at high temperature and Phase Transformations. Structure-property relationships in metals and alloys, development of high temperature alloys using Nb as base metal, oxidation in air at temperatures up to 1400°C.

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