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Authoritative resources curated by Librarians and School of Pharmacy faculty.

Pharmacology Websites

These sites can be used to locate drug information, plus physical and chemical properites of specific drugs such as adverse effect, dosage form, molecular formula, solubility, stucture, etc.

These sites are librarian-approved.

Evaluating Websites

Remember to always evaluate a website before using it for research purposes.

Some criteria for evaluating websites include:

  • Accuracy (is the info correct?)
  • Authority (is the info supplied by a qualified figure?)
  • Currency (is the info out of date?)
  • Objectivity (is the info free of subjective or biased tone/language? if not, can you identify the author's position?)
  • Purpose (what purpose does the info being shared serve? entertainment? informational? promotional?)
  • Support (is there supporting evidence for the statements made?)

You can always ask a librarian or your professor for an opinion about a specific website.

Tools for Searching Online

Alternative Search Engines

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