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Open access: Open Access Journals vs Toll Access Journals

Questions to consider when debating where to publish

When looking to publish, there are certain things that researchers generally take into consideration.  Let us think about five of the biggest questions.


Is this journal right for my subject?

   TA: Has a wider range of journals that cover a variety of subjects.

   OA: Has a wide range of journals over a variety of subjects.

Is this journal peer-reviewed?

   TA: Most quality journals are held to high standards and are peer reviewed.

   OA: Most quality journals are held to high standards and are peer reviewed.

Is this journal well respected within my field?

   TA: There is a wide variety of quality.  But there are many well respected and established journals with high impact numbers available.

   OA: There is a wide variety of quality.  The percentage of well respected journals varies from field to field.  There are open access journals with high impact factors. 

Who will read my article if I publish here?

   TA: Anyone who has a subscription to the database/journal, or people interested enough to request a copy through Interlibrary loan or from me.

   OA: Anyone with web access, or anyone with whom someone with web access wants to share my article.

How much will it cost me/my university to publish in this journal?

   TA: There may be page and or color graphics fees.

   OA: There may be an author's fee to cover the cost of publishing and if so this may be waived or lowered if your circumstances warrant it.

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