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Cited Reference Searching

Starting a Cited Reference Search

To begin a cited reference search, complete a search in both Web of Science and Google Scholar. From there, move to a discipline-specific database(s) that might yield citations not included in the former searches.  For more instructions on how to search these databases for cited references, see the instructions below.

Web of Science

How to do a cited reference search using Web of Science.

1. To find what articles have cited a particular work, go to the library home page ( and select databases.  Click on W for Web of Science.

2. Go to the main Web of Science search page and click the Cited Reference Search link.






Search for cited references to this article.

EXAMPLE:  Braak, H., Del Tredici, K., Rüb, U., de Vos, R., Jansen Steur, E., & Braak, E. (2003). Staging of brain pathology related to sporadic Parkinson's disease. Neurobiology Of Aging, 24(2), 197-211.

3.  Enter the following search terms:

Cited Author = Braak h*

Cited Work = neurobiology of aging (NOTE: Use the journal abbreviation list to find the correct abbreviation.)


4. Select the reference(s) for the article from your results list, and click View Record.   A complete list of articles citing the referenced article will display.


Google Scholar

1. Go to Google Scholar and click Advanced Scholar Search.

2.  EXAMPLE: Enter the following information:

Find articles with the exact phrase = brain pathology

Author = "h braak"

Date = 2003-2003

3. Click the Google Scholar button.

4. To view the references citing this article, click on Cited by 1879.


NOTE: If you run a third search in ScienceDirect, you will have the following results: 

Web of Science          Google Scholar         ScienceDirect
1371 1879 1494


Remember that Google Scholar tends to have more duplicates and the sources indexed are not exclusively academic journals. Because different journals are indexed in different databases, you have variations in your results.  Also, different databases perform better for different subjects.  Book and book chapter citations are not always included in the search results.  Variations or errors in the cited reference, e.g., author's name, publication date, will effect the results.

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