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English & American Literature Selection Policy: Approval Plan

Explains policies for the collection of library materials in English and American literature.

What Is An Approval Plan?

  1. The vendor -- in our case, Yankee Book Peddler (YBP) -- works with us to set up a profile. We specify what subjects we collect at what level, what format we prefer, any price limits, and any other criteria.
  2. The vendor surveys all current publications and sends us notifications for books that match our profile. Actual books are not sent unless requested by faculty or library selectors.
  3. The approval plan ensures that the Library receives notification of all the important books in all our collecting fields.
  4. The Library subject liaison should send a list of slips to the departmental liaison at regular intervals so that the faculty can be informed of new publications.
  5. Faculty members may request access to the YBP database if they wish to search for books to order. Please contact Joy Urbina,


English Approval Plan

  1. Our approval plan covers a Major Authors List. This specifies that we should receive all works by and about (or sometimes only about) a large list of major authors. This includes novelists, poets, playwrights, science fiction authors, children's authors (not charged to English) and some classical authors.
  2. All areas of English are covered at some level in the approval plan: English teaching, English as a second language, Rhetoric and Composition, critical theory, and literature.
  3. Books in series are covered in the approval plan so that we receive all works published in certain series specified by the faculty.

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