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Social Work

Guide to resources for information relating to social work.

Databases Just For You

Mirick, R. G., Bridger, J., McCauley, J., & Berkowitz, L. (2016). Continuing Education on Suicide Assessment and Crisis Intervention for Social Workers and Other Mental Health Professionals: A Follow-Up Study. Journal of Teaching in Social Work36(4), 363-379.

A note: This is only a suggestion on how to locate some types of research.

It is up to the researcher to confirm the study type in the Methods section of any article. 


'Experimental Studies' includes:

clinical trials, community trials, controlled before-after studies, double-blind studies, factorial design, historically controlled studies, interrupted time series analysis, nonrandomized trials, one-shot case studies, pretest-posttest, single-blind, solomon four-group design, static group comparison, triple-blind studies. (You can Google these for a definition!)

Survey Research

Qualitative Studies includes:

Action research, ethnographic research, ethnological research, ethnonursing research, grounded theory, naturalistic inquiry, and phenomenological research. 


Unobtrusive Research 

One type of unobtrusive research is content analysis. 

Evaluation Research includes:

Formative evaluation research and summative evaluation research.


National Association of Social Workers Journals

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