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Examples of primary source materials for the history of Mexican Americans

Mexican Americans




Examples of Primary Sources at the UTEP Library for Mexican-American History


Personal papers:

1)     Stephenson-Flores family papers, MS341  (family history)

2)     Mario T. Garcia papers, MS290 (research files on Mexican Americans)

3)     Cleofas Calleros papers, MS231 (Mexican-American organizations, history)

4)     Kohlberg family papers, MS369 (photos of Mexican workers at cigar factory)


Literary collections:

1)      Abelardo Delgado collection, MS478 

2)     Carlos Morton papers, MS279

3)     Jose Antonio Burciaga papers, MS412


Organizational records:

1)     National Catholic Welfare Conference case files, MS173

2)     Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) citizenship and refugee files, MS397

3)     Pan American Round Table of El Paso records, MS526

4)     Movimiento Estudantil Chicano de Atzlán (MEChA—UTEP Chapter), MS251


Business records:

1)     El Paso Herald-Post records, MS348

2)     Chisos Mining Company records, MS044

3)     Southern Pacific Company (Rio Grande Division) records, MS077


Photographic collections:

1)     Casasola Studio photos, PH041 (mostly portraits, 1930s-1960s)

2)     Otis Aultmann photographs, PH023 (early El Paso and Juarez, 1900-1925)

3)     Manuel Carrillo photographs, MS288 (Mexico, 1950s-1980s)



            El Paso city directories, 1889-

            El Paso phone books, 1921-



            Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, MS133 (online as Digital Sanborn Maps from Proquest)

            Assorted historical maps of Texas, the Southwest, and Mexico


Oral Histories:

Over 900 oral history interviews, including many interviews done by Oscar Martinez that specifically discuss the perceptions of the term “Chicano.”  Some of the oral histories are now online in Digital Commons at


Government records:

            Texas county and local records:

            El Paso County Records, MS132

                        Deed books, sheriffs' minute books, probate files, chattel mortgage books

            Brewster, Culbertson, Davis, Hudspeth County records on microfilm MF541

                        (Birth, death, and marriage records; school census) 

            Eighth District Court of Appeals records, MS403





Mexican governmental records on microfilm:

Durango state historical archives, MF492 (online guide at

            New Mexico (Spanish and Mexican periods), MF455

            Municipal records:

            Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Janos, Carrizal, Parral, MF513. MF491, etc.

            (Juárez Municipal Archives guide online at

            Other archives:

            Archivo Judicial de Parral, Chih., MF546

            Archivo Judicial de Guerrero, Chih., MF502

            Official Gazettes:

            Periodico Oficial de Chihuahua (under several titles), MF472


Church records on microfilm:

            Archdiocese of Santa Fe, MF525

            Cathedral of Durango, Dgo., MF494

            Cathedral of Cd. Juarez (Mission of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe), MF489

            San Elizario birth, death, and marriage records, MF473

            Ysleta baptism records, MF474


Newspapers on microfilm:

            Prospector (see also

            Periódico Oficial de Chihuahua

            El Paso Herald-Post (see also

            El Paso Times

            El Continental

            El Fronterizo

            El Paso del Norte

            Samples and short runs of various local and regional newspapers

Mexican American newspapers and newsletters such as Nosotros, the publications of the UTEP MEChA chapter. 


Other resources:

Chicano vertical files.  These were started and maintained by the Chicano Services Office, a library office in the1970s and 1980s. 

CoMexAz News Monitoring Service (clippings from May, 1972-Dec. 1980) Spec. Coll. Chicano  E184.M5C64 f

Original art by several Mexican American artists, including Manuel Acosta, Luis Jiménez, and José Cisneros 

Posters from the Chicano era

Vinyl record albums of Tejano, Border, and Mexican music


Contact information:

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