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Nursing Informatics: NURS 4303: Finding the Research

Finding the Research

Now that you know your question and the type of study you are seeking, how do you find the research?

There are many types of sources that you can use here at UTEP:

  • Pre-Appraised resources
  • Summaries
  • Databases
  • Websites

In the boxes below.



Pre-Appraised Resources

Pre-Appraised resources

  • Provide information on a specific topic.
  • Pre-filter the information
  • Cite sound studies.
  • Update them regularly. 

Examples of Pre-Appraised Resources:

ACP Journal Club (2002-Present)

American College of Physicians produces this publication.  Selects articles according to a specific criteria and that are of immediate concern to practitioners.  Summarizes and comments on original studies.

Cochrane Systematic Reviews

Contains systematic reviews conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration that meet rigorous standards. Full-text provided and reviews are updated regularly.



Provide an overview of a broad topic.

Example of a Summary


  • Point-of-care resource
  • Summaries of clinical topics.
  • Updated daily
  • Monitors the content of over 500 medical journals

Subject Guide

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