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Business Plans


The Business Plan (26:39)

This program spotlights two very different small-business owners—a physical therapist and a performance artist—who have something very important in common: a business plan. Over the course of the video, Peter Dolan and Neda Rahmani talk about the key components of a business plan: the executive summary and overview, the operations plan, the marketing plan, and the financial plan. Expert commentary is provided by Nicole Donegan, a business growth adviser with 20 years’ experience in B2B and professional services marketing. (27 minutes)

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Date Added: 08/13/2010
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Formulating a Business Plan (29:59)

A good business plan is a roadmap to success. The three modules of this program look at the process of creating a business plan from three different perspectives: the transformation of an idea into a marketable product, the determination of financial feasibility, and negotiation with potential investors. German airship manufacturer Cargolifter, the Swiss musical production Space Dream, and data broadcasting innovator The Fantastic Corporation serve as case studies. (30 minutes)

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Planning Your Business: Research, Goals, and Business Plans (26:36)

The old saying, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan,” rings especially true when it comes to creating a company. This video helps aspiring business owners plan to succeed, with advice from veteran entrepreneurs on clarifying goals, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a potential enterprise, and establishing a realistic pathway to prosperity. Challenging the viewer to take a serious look at his or her own ability to take risks, manage an organization, and go toe-to-toe with competitors, the program offers insight into market exploration, determining a viable market niche, gauging the level of need for a product or service, learning about one’s customer base, and deciding on the most appropriate business structure. Writing a detailed and comprehensive business plan is also a major topic. A Coproduction of Films for the Humanities & Sciences and MotionMasters. Part of the series You’re the Boss: Starting and Running Your Own Business. (25 minutes)

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