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Rhetoric & Writing Studies Program

This guide was developed for UTEP's Rhetoric and Writing program. This guide will help you navigate the Library resources for Rhetoric and Writing for any level.


There are a variety of ways to embed a librarian into your course in order to help your students in the research process.  A librarian can provide several different sessions and activities for students to develop your objectives for the course. Below you will find some examples of what can be included in your research guide, which is one tool that your librarian can develop with you.

Library Sessions

Here are some sample guides that various librarians have created for different RWS courses.  These are tailored to what each professor wants to cover in their course.  In order to have one created for your course, talk to your librarian.

Narrow your Topic to Advanced Searching

Students can struggle to develop an advanced search to plug into a database.  This is why the Library has developed two activities that their librarian can guide students through to narrow their topic and then develop their keywords for an advanced search.  Below you will find those activities.

No one else will make sure you find credible/reliable information online except you, so be picky about it!

At the bare minimum, make sure you can identify the following things on a web site:

  • the date it was posted/updated
  • who wrote it (bonus points if you can Google that person/organization to see if they're a credible source of info)
  • why the info on the site was written (is it opinion, persuasion, or just informative? Check he site's "about us" section)

Here are some more in-depth questions you can ask yourself to figure out whether you're looking at a high-quality web site:

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