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RWS 3345: Editing

For undergraduates.

About Document Design & Style

Proofreading and Style Sheets

Editing with Style. By Geoffrey Hart

Still Another Rule? By Don Bush

"Whom" Editors. By  Don Bush

Using Style Sheets. By Jean Weber

Books about Writing Style

Merging Style and Content

Different Style Manuals

Style Manuals describe the accepted format for citing resources and references, but they also include a variety of other information that is useful for writers and editors such as general rules of punctuation, formatting footnotes, spacing, indention, form of author's name, etc.

Some of the most common Style Manuals:

  • Use APA for papers in psychology, education, and the other social sciences.
  • Use MLA for papers in literature, arts, and humanities.
  • Use Chicago for books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

  •  Turabian is designed for college students to use with all subjects.

Other Manuals:

  • AMA (Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library Guide) : medicine, health, and biological sciences.
  • ASA : sociology.
  • APSA : political science, international studies.
  • IEEE: engineering.
  • (here is a Complete Discipline Listing, from Purdue OWL)

Purdue OWL Videos

Purdue OWL has created numerous help videos, including for MLA and APA Formating Styles. Check out there Purdue OWL Youtube channel by cliking the image below.

Image of MLA Purdue OWL video

Style Manuals

The following style manuals are available at the reference desk  and cannot be checked outside the library.

500 W. University Avenue : El Paso, TX, 79968-0582 : (915) 747-5672
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